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Peinture pour enfants

New at Henri Farman School

Always seeking innovation with respect to the care and supervision of children, we put at your disposal an awakening class aimed at toddlers from the age of 2. This class is limited to a headcount of 15 children and represents a very gradual stage to lead your child to his reception year in preschool.

Discover the awakening class at Henri Farman International School in Reims.

The Awakening Class

This level has been created to meet expectations such as :

Personalised support to answer the needs of the very young;
Bilingual care like in the rest of the institution in order to make language acquisition and ulterior learnings easier;
… A better integration within the preschool thanks to an adaptation level;
Quality supervision with a teacher trained in hosting very young children and an educational assistant;
Adaptable hours so as to give you more flexibility for this preparatory year (within the realms of possibility).

It is not absolutely required for children to be potty-trained before enrolling in this level. Supervising staff also help them along this learning process and are perfectly competent to teach them the best hygiene-related conduct.

Beside our educational organisation, "awakening class" children benefit from equipment designed to make first acquisitions easier. Everything about :

Musical awakening

with the discovery of the most simple instruments and of sounds

Physical awakening

with games

Logical awakening

with first jigsaws, construction and stacking games

Pictural expression

with paint and colour-focusing activities

Everything is in the reach of the very young. They are given the possibility to experiment and develop their listening and concentration capacities and above all their creativity in a totally-conducive environment. The transition to preschool is made very much easier thanks to this new stage.

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