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Chambre Internat école Internationale He

The primary and lower secondary boarding school

Why enrol in our boarding school?

It is important to ask oneself the right questions.

Many are the reasons that lead parents to choose a boarding school for its study-conducive environment. Yet many other reasons contribute in making our boarding school a real choice of quality.

Discover the boarding school of the Henri Farman International School in Reims (about 100 miles north-east of Paris).

The Boarding School

Why become a boarder? Why study in our institution?

1. An ideal living environment

Our school is located outside of the city centre and has good transport links thanks to freeways and bus lines. A pleasant place to live where studying is fun. We have a system of shuttles to connect our different activities.

2. Well-equipped accommodation

Our boarding school is located at the heart of the building. Provision of service is of quality and lets pupils thrive on a daily basis.  

Bedrooms are spacious and safe. Our night supervisors will constantly see to it that community life rules are obeyed to enable everyone's fulfilment.

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3. An enriching human experience

The Henri Farman International School is a place for teaching and living, where it feels good to meet up!

Here, pupils weave strong links, forge great friendships. Here, they share sincere moments of joy and comfort one another through hardships.

4. Serious supervision

The boarding school is organised to offer an ideal structure for the supervision of the young. Besides, evening study sessions allow us to monitor pupils in a regular and thorough way, especially with lower secondary pupils, who are still very young.

5. A presence

At Farman, a peculiarity of boarding is the presence of some teachers and supervisors in the evening. We know each pupil personally and every one of them can talk with an adult at any time, whether for advice or simply for attentiveness.

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