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The College in Reims

The "collège" (lower secondary school) in Reims is tasked with ensuring the best conditions for global and human education.

Collective life implies rules that everyone must abide by, so that each individual may let his personality blossom and so that his success may be ensured.

Discover the lower secondary school at the Henri Farman International School in Champagne-Ardennes.


In lower secondary, we welcome all pupils of all religious and cultural background. Each of them is guided along pathways that let him thrive. The Henri Farman International School in Reims is an institution where the involvement of parents is essential to the knowledgeability of pupils. All subjects are important and some study sessions are compulsory to reach that goal. Weekly tests help monitor their learning closely.

Jolie fille en salle de classe

Personalised methods

Individualised support :

  • Supervised study sessions.

  • Reception of and support to newcoming pupils.

  • Interviews and personalised help.

  • Tutoring for certain pupils.

  • Permanent touch with families.

  • Various hosting options: day boarding, day schooling.

  • Holiday courses.

Self-confidence techniques: in-class tests and mock exams are regularly organised for pupils.

Personalised monitoring of pupils :

Frequent meetings can be held with the institution's various players.

In case of difficulties or of a lack of work, we may decide to set up a scholarship contract. This document allows personalised monitoring of the pupil at every class and for a determined period of time.

"Brevet" diploma training :


"3ème" (9th grade) pupils must sit the "brevet des collèges" (similar to a GCSE). For most of them, it will be the first exam in their life, like some sort of a preparation to the "baccalauréat" (high school diploma). It is for this very reason that the Brevet des Collèges represents a goal of great import for them. They are generally apprehensive about this first examination of secondary studies. A good preparation will enable your child to face the Brevet des Collèges with all chances of success.

The first objective of this preparation to the Brevet is to reaffirm the pupil's schooling.

We work on the basis of standard Brevet exercises and all sections of the curriculum are studied.

All the difficulties a pupil may have encountered will be reviewed so he may work independently. Your child will approach the exams with the greatest serenity.

Our qualified teachers will give an extensive appraisal highlighting his strengths, his shortcomings and above all the solutions to ensure his academic success.

The lower secondary school in Reims will bring you the satisfaction you desire for your child's educational achievement.

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