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Primary school on the way to bilingual

Once he has acquired first learnings, the child seeks to understand the world around him. It is the age of "why" and "how" questions that help him shape his judgment and later develop his critical thinking.

Discover the primary school at Henri Farman International school in Reims.

The Primary school

It is also the age where the child discovers the sentiment of justice. Every decision from the adult must be measured with accuracy. The child becomes curious and grows a thirst for knowledge. It is very important to let his imaginary develop because doing so, he trains his intelligence. ​

He can also start being entrusted with responsibilities for he knows how to organise himself and look for information. It is also a way to get him to participate in collective life

- Learning thinking tools such as reading, writing, vocabulary, grammar, arithmetic, geometry…

- Discovering the universe, human history, poetry, sciences…

He asserts his personality and his personal ideas. His critical mind develops and allows him to show and defend his opinions.

The work carried out in class continues during the various activities and field trips that contribute to open the pupils' minds.

During his school years, the child learns :

  • To reinforce and develop what he has learnt, and to keep on learning: syntax and problem-solving,

  • Culture acquisition,

  • The history of civilisations, geography, sciences and literature,

  • To enrich his social life,

  • Teamwork and presentations,

  • School trips, meeting external participants.

petit garçon école primaire école intern

For the 2020-2021 academic year, our primary on the way to bilingualism is organised as such :

- "CP" and "CE2" (1st and 3rd grades) are directly admitted in a bilingual class ;
- "CM1" (4th grade) newcomers can opt to follow a semi-bilingual or bilingual course, which corresponds to 4 to 6 hours of English per week ; 
- For "CM1" and "CM2" (5th grade), the course is semi-bilingual.

From September 2023 onwards, the elementary school will only offer bilingual education.

What is the objective of our primary bilingual classes ?

Our goal is to have happy pupils who get pleasure in their work within a unique bilingual context in Reims.

While in class, children work in full immersion with half-day in English and the other half-day in French.

They work on the curriculum in an original way in order to get optimal chances of success.

Each class also works on a full-year topic and weaves a link between both languages and all the subjects of study. The curriculum that pupils are taught gives the opportunity to carry out a relevant and appropriate work.

Teachers encourage their pupils to learn and develop their intellectual curiosity. Pupils are led to take initiatives, to make part of a team or a work group and to take into consideration the cultural diversity in their class, in their school and in the world that surrounds them.

The role of a teacher is to educate children thanks to a learning process that is appropriate for each pupil so as to meet his needs and thus guide him and help him overcome any potential learning obstacle. Support is provided in French or English to pupils in need.

We welcome pupils with learning difficulties by providing them with appropriate help and organisation so that this may lead to a positive learning experience for both the child and his other classmates.

The pupil's progress is monitored through the teacher's regular and daily observation and thanks to assessments.

Parents receive three grade reports.

Communication between teachers and parents is essential and highly fostered in our school. Parents are immediately informed of the teacher's concerns about their child and are encouraged to contact him/her. Likewise, parents have the possibility to contact teachers if needs be.

Respect is an important value in our school: respect of one's neighbour as well as of different cultures and of the environment. Respect allows to learn in a positive environment and prepares our pupils to become citizens of the world.


After primary school, our pupils have the priority to enrol in our lower secondary school.

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